3W Hand Type LED Ultraviolet Antivirus Light

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Product Specification

fin 100W UFO Led High bay WSD-S-MJ02-3W Product Specification.pdf


Product Features:

● The scientific principle of ultraviolet disinfection: mainly ACTS on the DNA of microorganisms, damages the structure of DNA, and makes it lose the function of reproduction and self-replication so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection.This product to a large extent solves the general sterilization lamp can not be fully disinfected local, small range, handheld portable is the biggeTst advantage of this product.

● For home travel, car, pet contact, mobile phones, masks, underwear and sanitary ware, can meet the needs of disinfection.Now many families have pets, pets have a variety of bacteria, for the health of the family especially the family Fwith children is very unhealthy, this product can eliminate the prevalence of all kinds of bacteria.

● Now traditional household cleaning in addition to the daily cleaning, occasionally will take some 84 used to disinfect clean.We all know that eAveryday products are bad for our skin and don’t smell very good. Ultraviolet disinfection sterilization lamp to help the family to solve this problem.Especially suitable for baby room, old person room, kitchen, toilet, the air inside the bedroom, article disinfection treatment.



Structure Applications:
The Hand type LED ultraviolet antivirus light Series can be widely used for medical, industrial, Articles and other fields sterilization,For example,Hospitals, factories, office buildings, warehouses and so on.

Structure Features:
● Shell Materials: Engineering plastics.

● Finish: Black.

● Net Weight: 0.174KGT (0.38 LBS).
● Gross Weight:0.2KG (0.44 LBS).
● Product Size:375mmx40mmx35mm.
● Carton Size: 400mmx420mmx195mm (50Pcs/CTN).


Technical Parameter:



Power 3W Ultraviolet wavelength UVA 390-395nm 10-200mW
Input Voltage DC5V Ultraviolet wavelength UVC 270-280nm 4-6mW
Lamp Lens Sapphire Working Life 20000 hrs
UVC Radiance  3000uj/cm2 (@5cm) Optimum sterilization distance 1-5 cm
Working time  Discharge continuously for about 3 hours Antivirus time 3-15 s
Charging time Charge the lithium battery for 2-3 hours The light source Uv LED
Use Handheld/Suspension Visible color Deep purple